I’m here to help you become a happier, healthier, more focused professional. It’s time to grow your Interior Design, Internet Based or Coaching Business by getting more sales, getting over your fears & going for what you really want in your work and life.

Before Working Together You Might Be…

struggling on how to grow your business to the next level

unsure how to talk to or even manage clients

overwhelmed because you don’t know what next steps to take to become more profitable

feeling inefficient with how you’re spending your time

seeking balance in your relationships and life while building a business

feeling a lack of confidence and focus in the decisions you are (or aren’t) making

As my business coach, Nancy has kept me focused, motivated and on track. Nancy’s tools and intuition are guiding me to grow my business into a top-notch design firm. She has the know-how and get-up-and-go attitude that I need to keep me moving forward.

Betsy Abend

Betsy Lynn Interior Design

We Work Together to Help You…

get over the fear of going for what you want!

be unafraid to make decisions

accept that it’s okay to change direction and modify as you learn new things

connect and communicate better with others
spend your time more efficiently

all with a balance between family and work

Attracting Clients to an Interior Design Firm

As much as I wish I could say that getting clients is easy if you’re a talented designer, the truth is that a lot of great designers and their firms tend to stay undiscovered simply because they are putting their energy and attention on things that don’t attract new...

9 Reasons Why Interior Designers Need a Website

While there are probably very few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from having a website in today’s increasingly online world, for interior designers having a website is non-negotiable. If you are just launching your interior design business, or if you’ve been in the...

How to Get More Clients as an Interior Designer

I work with so many interior designers that absolutely love what they do. From the very beginning of a design project to the styling and big reveal, these passionate designers look forward to every detail. And, they’re really good at what they do. But, there’s one...

How Do Interior Designers Really Feel About Using Houzz?

From an outsider’s perspective, the popular website and online community Houzz seems like a great way for interior designers to not only showcase their work for generating new clients, but also a convenient way to collaborate with current clients, better understanding...

How to Keep Growing Your Business and Making the Time

Shopping has taken a back seat to growing my coaching business and helping my clients and my private Facebook group of Actionable Entrepreneurs become confident, focused and profitable.   I was up way too early this morning worrying about when I'm going to have time...

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